Sales Director

sport: Winter Sports

location: Seattle, WA

favorite way to use nuun: Ice cold out of his Nuun bottle on a hot day working in the yard! Or, mixed with pineapple, lime, Hypnotic and vodka with his Rockstar friends at Expo West… #nuunstyle.

While everyone at Nuun wears a lot of hats, one employee that certainly works to make sure as many people as access to Nuun as possible. He manages the grocery side of the business, and his team is responsible for introducing Nuun to new retailers and active consumers, as well as educating everyone they come in contact with, about the advantages to using Nuun for daily hydration and performance.

When he gets a moment to stop away from the grind, Nate enjoys getting on the mountain after a fresh snow, as he’s been snowboarding for the past 18 years. He also enjoys his share of time on the water, having wake-boarded and waterskied for 20 years.

“Working at Nuun, it's almost a requirement that you at least occasionally run, bike and/or swim… I've actually grown to love all three.”

Besides that, traveling, working on house projects, the garden, and spending time with friends and family top his list of ways to spend time.