sport: Triathlon

location: Boulder, CO

favorite way to use nuun: Sports performance

Keeping the #nuunlove alive and well in the rockies is our western regional sales manager for the sports specialty channel is our own Nick. Nick is responsible for making sure retailers in the west are fully stocked with Nuun as well as helping to grow the Nuun brand.

Growing up near Olympia in the PNW, Nick played baseball throughout his childhood and even had the opportuity to play collegiate ball. He is also a triathlete, and enjoys running, cooking or hanging out with his family.

“Some of our favorite things include; the beach, the mountains, food & wine festivals, beer festivals, and traveling for triathlon races with friends and family. “

Noteworthy quirk: He owns every episode of Seinfeld and watches it... in order... every night he is home.