Education & Innovations Leader

sport: Running

location: Seattle, WA

favorite way to use nuun: Use Nuun for all of his workouts, and can't imagine going out for a run without it.

Vishal was born in New Jersey, but has lived the majority of his life in the suburbs of chicago. He recently joined the Pacific Northwest from Chicago, moving his nutrition expertise from the Windy City to the Emerald City. He is our tenured “Professor of Electrolytes” which translates into our in-house Nutritionist working on product innovation and educational content.

“I am extremely passionate about nutrition and how it can enhance sports performance because I've seen the impacts it's made on my body and running career.”

Vishal has been running competitively for 12 years, dating back to 5th grade where is all began. When he isn’t running on those long legs of his, he can be found cooking, golfing, exploring, and cycling. An avid sports fan, Vishal admits that he is almost “too” passionate for his own good when it comes to Chicago-based Sports teams.

Vishal's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Grape

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