sport: Fitness, Running

location: Seattle, WA

favorite way to use nuun: Ice cold during a run and with some tequila after a run!

Zoe is another one of our born and raised Seattlites. Nestled in Ballard, Zoe began running at the age of 10. What started as a running for fun for her middle school cross-country team quickly escalated to a passion that still sits with her today. Her first race was with her Uncle in Massachusetts and while she didn’t run competitively in college, she did start running races in 2008 and has been hooked ever since.

Zoe is our resident Shipper lady and manages all shipping and inventory here at Nuun HQ, thus making her responsible for keeping the masses hydrated in the most literal sense. When she isn’t combating dehydration, she enjoys painting her nails, watching movies, walking or running around Greenlake with her husband and daughters, who proclaims themselves to be Nuun’s biggest fans.