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sport: running

Hello there let me tell you a little about my active lifestyle! Was in Cross Country in High School many many years ago!! Started running again in 2012 and got hooked at it again. I'm currently a member of SDTC since 2014 and also active member with November Project over 1+1/2years. I love to run and support all my running and active friends that love an active lifestyle just like me. I'm very social, outgoing, and friendly, love participating in all kinds of physical active activities around San Diego. Love to inspire, my running friends and encourge them to their most potential limits. Love running races! It's an addiction! Love training with my running buddies.


Done over 18 Half Marathons, 2 Marathons. My biggest accomplishment has been that I have PR'd tremendously on both my half and full marathons. My first half time was 2:22 and by training harder for my 2nd half marathon, I improved my time to 1:57!! As in my full marathon as well. First full marathon time was 4:22 and my 2nd full marathon was also a PR time 4:07. Just recently I was nominated by SDTC (San Diego Track Club) as "women's open" nomination for being an outstanding, inspiring, encouraging runner that supports everyone. (the winner will be annouced this Sunday at our Banquet awards) I was completely shock to get nominated, but so happy that I was.

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