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sport: running

A NYC resident who's called Manhattan home for 8 years, I used to maintain an active lifestyle being involved in martial arts and dance. However in 2013, I exchanged an active lifestyle for a sedentary one, by becoming an executive MBA student while working full time... balancing full time school and full time work left zero time to keep active. However fast-forward to May of 2105 when I successfully completed grad school, and was trying to figure out what to do to become active again and I turned to running. Now I'm an active runner who uses swimming, spin/cycling, yoga, and weight training to keep me healthy and active on a daily basis!


This year alone I wanted to prove to myself I can do what I thought was impossible in terms of racing. Having only conquered a 5 mile race in 2014, I set out for something bigger in 2015. While in school I started training for a half, but ended up with tendinitis in my hip, which ended up worse after I attempted the inca trail in April of 2015. However, since I finished school, I'm happy to say I've completed 18 races in 2015 which included my first half marathon, which turned into 2 half marathons in 24 hours! I've run 1 milers, 5Ks, 4-milers, 5-milers,10Ks, 10-milers, and half marathons. I've also become an avid spinner going 3x a week and also partake in yoga, swimming, and strength training to cross train and stay injury free!

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