Ashleigh VanHouten

team nuun athlete

sport: Other

I am a writer and editor; I divide my time between Ottawa, Canada and New York City for work. I have written for the CrossFit Games website and I'm a regular contributor to Paleo magazine; I am a Primal Blueprint Certified expert. I am also the founder of milieu magazine, an online lifestyle magazine where I talk about my various fitness journeys and also review health and fitness products and supplements that I enjoy. I'm an excellent communicator and my favourite thing is discovering new products, companies, and people doing great things and telling others about it - which is why I think I'd make a great ambassador. I'm also a lifelong athlete - I'm always trying new things, learning new skills, and bringing others along for the ride. Whether it's powerlifting, CrossFit, marathon running, martial arts, and now even armwrestling (seriously!) my goal is to be as fit and strong as possible and to have fun doing it.


I am a Nationally qualified natural figure competitor in Canada, after having only competed for a year. I placed first in my category in both competitions I entered and will be competing nationally in 2016. I am also training jiu jitsu and competitive armwrestling!

Ashleigh's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Grape

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