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sport: running

I've been called mad. I've been called brave. I like to think it's a combination of the two. I'm a runner who prefers the distance and the mountains over the short jaunts and the roads. Roads for me are exercise. With trails, I find myself beaming ear to ear without giving it thought. To fly downhill over the most technical rocky, rooty single track fills me with so much joy. Rain or shine, snow or mud, I love to run through the forest like Tinkerbell, then follow it up by eating everything in sight like Hansel & Gretel when they come across the candy house. Oh, to find a candy house in the forest! Perhaps my next long run I'll hallucinate one up smile


I started out by running the Vancouver marathon on a whim. I followed that up by running it 9 more times. Then I was introduced to trails. I started by running local (North Vancouver) 10-25 km trail races, then I overheard the words 'ultrarunning' and thought...'Huh? I can run longer?' So began my ultra addiction. Coastal 50km 2012 in the Marin Headlands was my first. Diez Vista 50km 2013 was meant to be my second. I had to drop at the 23 km mark because 10 km into the race, I broke my ass (aka coccyx). Con: My first ultra drop. Pro: I ran 12 km with a broken ass and the story never gets old. Squamish 50 km 2014. Just when you think it couldn't get more difficult, Gary Robbins throws another big hill into the picture. Ran almost 80% of the race with one of your current ambassador's Alanna Nylander Aldous. My next two ultras were once again, drops. Migraine and stomach issues, respectively. To this day I still wonder if I could've pushed through them and regret the decisions. 2015. The year I got to run Knee Knacker. BEST. RACE. EVER. Followed that up with an attempt at Squamish 50 miler. I made it 20 km in before my crew looked a little worried. My face was whiter than my hair, which is platinum, and my lips were turning blue. The first DNF where I've never given it a second thought. For 2016, I'm working on my uphills. I'm grabbing some TNT and blowing up the automatic thoughts that tell me I have to walk up a hill. I'll be running Knee Knacker again after getting a guaranteed lottery spot for my fundraising for the North Shore Search And Rescue Team and then I'll be running Squamish 50/50. 50 miles on Saturday followed by 50 km on Sunday.

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