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sport: Triathlon

I'm 32 and an environmental engineer working in Baltimore as of this year. I took a year and a half off from racing and just got back into it this summer. I train roughly 16-22 hours/week. I recently started racing Ironman distance triathlons and ultra running events. I will be looking to race quite a bit in 2015 - marathon, road races, a couple 70.3s, an Ironman, and a couple running races.

I've raced for Team USA at World Championships, qualified for National Championships and Worlds Championships in short course and long course triathlon as well as rank as a USAT All American. I've had sponsorships with Wheaties, Aquaphor, Zym, Planet-X, and Brooks just to name a few.


1st place at Monticello Man Half Ironman (4:19) 1st place at Washington Half Ironman (4:11) 1st place a.g. Roseryville 50k (4:08) 1st place a.g. Halfmax National Championships (3:41) Finished Ironman Maryland (10:08)

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