Benjamin Donnelly

team nuun athlete

sport: cycling

As a Colorado native I take every opportunity to enjoy the outdoor experiences that the state has to offer. My main passion and athletic focus is cycling which I pursue both competitively and for leisure. 2016 will be a big year when it comes to racing, as I have recently joined the VR7 Colorado Cycling Team. When not on the bike I can be found backpacking and finding new outdoor adventures. Professionally, I teach social studies and language arts in a 6-12 school focused on arts instruction. Unfortunately, the heavy arts focus does not allow for any type of physical education program or sports through the school, so I have recently put together a cycling club to help promote the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle and the joys of cycling.The club focuses on bicycle safety, maintenance, fitness, and skills for students and the community at DSA.


I always strive to push myself and improve athletically. I am constantly summiting new peaks (12 this year) and setting new PRs while on the bike. 2015 Races and Organized Rides: Bob Cook Mt. Evans Hill Climb Cat5, Copper Triangle

Benjamin's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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