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sport: Climbing

Here I am. I've dabbled with different systems to organize the ridiculous, yet reasonable, excess of outdoor gear I own, I’ve acquired a Subaru and Thule box plastered with enough stickers to look like a P.O.S station wagon on it’s way to Bonnaroo, I rise with the sun, amplify adrenaline and expel energy in the company of friends and I could ask for nothing else. 

As a Jackson Hole athlete, I have quickly acquired a pulsing passion for pushing myself in the mountains, whether it be a self-created mountain triathlon or summit traverse. Mountaineering, rock climbing, trail running, mountain biking and ski touring rotate as my primary passion as the season changes, as I focus on finding happiness and exhaustion in the outdoors in any way possible. 


- Free Soloing the Grand Teton

- Biking Cross Country (Providence to San Francisco)

- 1st Woman to Attempt the "Moranic" (an underground triathlon in Grand Teton National Park involving a 50 mile bike ride, 3.2 mile swim, and technically summiting the 12,605 ft Mount Moran)

- 3rd Place Female in the Rendezvous Hill Climb (a race up 4,000ft to the summit of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort)

Bree's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Wild Berry

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