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sport: Running

I first started running as a supplement to gym workouts, a few road miles a couple times a week. And since I can't be anything but obsessed with any interests I'm into, I gradually increased my distance, frequency, and pace. Once I took it off road, I really developed a passion. I've since raced in a few road races, several trail races, and a couple 50ks. Nuun has helped my performance immensely in many of my training runs and races, and I've begun to use it as everyday hydration and pre/post-workout. I hope to train for and compete in more ultras, eventually getting into the 50 to 100 mile distances. While not running or working, I spend time with my wife and two children. Together we enjoy living an active lifestyle and are always hiking or walking, going to the gym, riding bikes, or playing sports. I am also very interested in nutrition, reading, and am getting into cycling. All of these activities add up to more hours than there are in a day, but I'm having a blast making it all work!


2013 Middlefork 50k, 3rd Overall

2015 Lord Hill 20m, 2nd Overall

2015 Squak Mt 50k, 1st Overall

2015 Sunflower Trail Marathon, 2nd Age Group, 8th Overall

Brent's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Tri-Berry

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