team nuun athlete

sport: Running

I am a big family mama, 9 kids with number 10 due Summer 2014. My main focus of course is my family, but I happened into running five years ago, and in many ways it defined a part of myself that I hadn't been able to define previously. I have always been active, blessed to grow up in Utah with a host of amazing adventures right at my door. I spent much of my childhood hiking and camping, and was involved in a number of sports, but never really settled into one particular thing. I was dared into a triathlon by my wonderful husband shortly after he completed his first tri. After every excuse that I could come up with was shot down, I bit the bullet and decided I was going to do it. The swimming definitely wasn't my strong suit, the biking I didn't mind, but I realized after that first tri (and the others it led to) that I really loved the running part. With that realization I jumped with both feet into running, falling in love with distance and finding a piece myself along the way. As cliche as it sounds, running has taught me that I am capable of so much more than I imagined. It has carried me through frustrating days, postpartum depression, three pregnancies, including the fears and worries of a pregnancy with a special needs child (brain malformations), and the many other challenges of life in general. There is nothing quite as therapeutic as a long run, which is probably why I love the marathon so much, and look forward to the day when life allows the jump into ultra marathons. I have been blessed with an active family and have a number of built in training partners, and have loved running distances from 5k to marathons with my husband and kids, many of them crossing those finish lines for the first time this past year!


Qualifying for Boston!