Cathleen Knutson

elite team nuun athlete

sport: Triathlon


Pauole Sport

I grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota and kept busy on the tennis team, cross country skiing all over the snowy trails, and playing dozens of junior golf tournaments over the years. Golf was my main sport and I continued to pursue it through college at Gonzaga University. Four years as a Division I Varsity athlete taught me discipline, but from 2000-2004 I found myself trading in my golf clubs for running shoes and slowly transitioning into an endurance athlete. Nine years, forty-something marathons, dozens of triathlons, and a couple trips to Kona later, I am fully immersed into the lifestyle of a competitive age group triathlete. I train hard and have improved over the years. And while the accomplishments have been rewarding, the real joy I find in any sport is through the lifestyle it gives me, the relationships I make, and the lessons I learn.


3x USAT All-American (2010-2012) 3x Ironman World Championships Qualifier (2010-2012) 2x Age Group Winner Ironman Coeur d

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