Colleen Dahlem

team nuun athlete

sport: Running

I am a mom, teacher, coach, fitness instructor, runner and triathlete who is ery active athlete in my local community. I am frequently racing, 2-3x per month in both running events and triathlon events. I often will place in my age group at events....I was 1st in my AG at the Nation's Triathlon! My first! I am a fitness instructor leading both circuit training and indoor cycling classes. I am also a running coach and currently coach a kid's running club. I also write a blog in which I have a 3,000+ following on facebook, 1200 followers on instagram and 5,000 blog views per month . I am viewed as the go-to person in our family, friends and co-workers for workout advice...gear, hydration, races, you name it! I love to promote the products that I believe in and Nuun is one of them!


First in Age Group at Nation's Triathlon, DC (my first!) Qualified for Age Group Nationals Triathlon August 2015 3 Full Marathons 15 Half Marathons