Courtney Durow

team nuun athlete

sport: running

I love endurance sports, it's helped me shed and maintain a 80 pound weight loss! I am a person that is always finding the next challenge. Until 2014 I had never done a triathlon if any sort, so what did I do, signed up to compete in Ironman Boulder. Which I finished. 2015 Cam McWilliam and I challenged ourselves to a half marathon a month, which we are done with 11! I am now excited to see what 2016 will provide. All I know is it's time to get faster and I would love to be apart of the Nuun team when I make that happen!


I have ran 25 1/2 marathons, (12 in 2015) 3 marathons. Placed 1st in my division at Crescent Moon Sprint Triathlon 2015 Placed 1st in my division at Boulder Peak Triathlon (Olympic) 2015 Ironman finisher in 2014