Emily MacLean

team nuun athlete

sport: running

I grew up the youngest of four kids and spent many hours running around fields and hockey rinks waiting for my turn to play! My parents raised us to be active and healthy kids. Now as an adult I love pushing myself in running, alongside great friends and teammates. But with running comes cross training to keep me strong and injury free. XC skiing, cycling and yoga are ways I like supplement my running. Ive learned that eating well and hydrating properly are key to getting me to the start line!


-I played competitive soccer, basketball and hockey beginning at a young age -I played at a provincial team level for soccer -I've been running for a few years now and enjoy testing myself across a few distances. 5k-18:36, 10k- 38:14, and 21.1k- 1:25:47. I continue to push myself and look forward to trying new distances and paces.

Emily's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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