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sport: running

I competed in track and cross country all through high school. I took a break during my time at university but returned to running in 2012 after I graduated. In 2012 I did my first marathon. I won a free entry into the Toronto Scotiabank Marathon from a 8km race that I had won. I had never ran more than 15km in training so running a marathon was real (challenging) experience! After my first marathon I was hooked and made it a goal of mine to train hard so that I could competitively race my next one instead of struggling and suffering through it. I have had a lot of growth and improvement since 2012. I love how running with such focus and purpose has changed me as a person and the people that I have met through it. This pass summer I wanted a new challenge so I entered myself into a few triathlons. I loved the diversity of the different disciplines in training. The races were positive experiences for me and I can see myself training for an Ironman in the near future.


Running: 2012- Scotiabank Marathon 2:59:24 - First Marathon 2013- Toronto Goodlife Marathon 2:43:30 - 3rd 2015- Chilly 1/2 Marathon 1:11:58 - 9th 2015 - Toronto Goodlife Marathon 2:33:37 - 4th Triathlon: 2015- Toronto Islnad Sprint Tri 1:03:45 7th 2015- Wasaga Beach Olympic Tri 2:13:15 8th For complied results see the link below:

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