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sport: Running

In 2006, as a 36-year-old overweight guy with high cholesterol and a pack-and-a-half-a-day smoking habit, I decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. At that time, not only did I change almost all of my bad habits, but I decided to get into shape. As of this writing, I'm an 11 time marathoner, four Olympic distance and five Sprint distance triathlon finisher, and runner of more 13.1s, 10Ks and five milers than I can count. On average I run 35 miles each week (but that can ratchet up to 50 during peak marathon training) and between 50 _ 100 miles on the bike. I


2013 - Philadelphia Marathon 3:44:06 2012 - NYC Half Marathon 1:39:20 2012 - NYRR Coogan's Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5k 23:30 2011 - NYRR Run for the Parks 4 Miler 29:18 2011 - NYRR Fred Lebow Classic (5 Miler) 37:17 2011 - NYRR Scotland Run 10K 47:23 2011 - NYRR New York Colon Cancer Challenge (15K) 1:12:26