Erik Abernethy

team nuun athlete

sport: Triathlon

I work as a Physician Assistant (PA) in the Emergency Room along with my wife who is also a PA and my triathlon training partner. I have been rock climbing since 1996 and been all over the globe. In my 20's, I traveled each summer across the country climbing and biking. In my mid 20's, I spent a year traveling and living in a van just focused on climbing, and new adventures. A few years ago, my wife Katharina introduced me to triathlon and I have been hooked since. I focus on olympic distance, but just signed up for my first half Ironman this July. I have a dog named Bear who is now 14 and my previous trail running buddy and a cat named Soshi. I love good food, wine and the beauty of the outdoors.


I have rapidly come up the ranks in triathlon and place within the top 15 of my age group at each race. My last race in Pacific Grove CA, I placed 10th in my age group for the olympic race and 2nd in the sprint the following day. I was the 3rd overall male for combined races. I was on the ski patrol as a snowboarder while I lived in Utah and spent a great deal of time in the backcountry with my dogs and friends I have been all over the US, Canada and other countries climbing, scuba diving and full adventures.

Erik's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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