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sport: running

I'm a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington and the Burke Museum of Natural History, studying birds and evolution. In my free time, I'm a reasonably competitive mountain / ultra / trail runner, racing distances from 5k to 100 miles with equal interest, and ski mountaineer, wishing I lived closer to snow.


Racing: 1st, 2014 Leadville Silver Rush 50m, 7:01 2nd, 2015 Race to the Top of Vermont, :36 2nd, 2015 Capitol Peak Mega Fatass 55K, 4:26 2nd, 2015 Magnusson Park 5K series, :16:21 2nd, 2013 Smith Rock Ascent 15m, 2:00 2nd, 2012 Bellingham Trail Marathon, 3:37 3rd, 2014 Sageburner 25K, 2:00 4th, 2015 White River 50m, 7:14 4th, 2015 Cougar Mountain Trail Series 8m, 51:39 4th, 2013 Trailfactor 50k, 3:59 4th, 2012 Capitol Peak 50m, 7:38 16th, 2014 Pine to Palm 100, 23:03 Former (2012) unsupported Wonderland Trail FKT, 27:19 Other: numerous fast and light adventures in the mountains, both on foot and with ski mountaineering equipment (this is my bread and butter). See blog ( for details.

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