Jamie Richard

team nuun athlete

sport: running

I just turned 37. I am married with two boys ages 7 and 9. I am a pediatric ER/trauma nurse. I work all shifts! I started running 5 years ago. It's a great outlet for work and life in general. I also teach Sunday school. I just started trail running and love it! I love running in the rain__


I have ran 12 marathons. I am running my 13th marathon in Seattle at the end of the month. I have ran over a dozen half marathons. I ran my first 50k trail race last month. I placed second female overall and first in my division. I have ran Hood to Coast and Ragnar NWP four times. My biggest accomplishment is I will be runnin the Boston marathon this April! I qualified with a time of 3:29__

Jamie's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Grape

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