Jeannine Avelino

team nuun athlete

sport: running

I started running in January 2015 and since then I've accomplished a lot and beat many personal goals. I have run 3 half marathons already (with a 4th coming this Sunday) and a bunch of 10k's and 5k's as well. My race total for my first year of running will be at least 16 but I may add another in December. I'm very active on social media and constantly blog about my training, race recaps, and post photos of the gear I use (including Nuun). My next challenge is the Paris Marathon next April, which I'm currently training for.


While I haven't won or placed in any races, I consider my personal bests as my athletic accomplishments. My best half marathon was the Seawheeze at 2:14:48, a 3 minute improvement from my first ever half marathon in May. My fastest 10k is from the Rock n Roll Vancouver 10k at 1:01:41. My fastest 5k is 27:39.

Jeannine's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Cherry Limeade

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