team nuun athlete

sport: running

I'm a 37 year old hard working, happily married Northern California girl with a passion for running and being active as much as possible. I train and race with my local Fleet Feet Racing Team, and am an active member of my local running community. I've participated in over 100 races, including over 40 half marathons and six full marathons. I also love cycling and swimming and occasionally participate in triathlons. I'm happiest when I'm working toward new athletic goals, and I really enjoy connecting with others who share my passion.


I began running 8.5 years ago after a lifetime absolutely no athletic activity (hard to believe, but completely true!). Over the years, I slowly transformed from a complete non-athlete to a Boston qualifying marathoner (I'm registered to run the 2016 Boston Marathon)! My race times are accomplishments to me because I know the hard work and dedication that directly correlated with them. I've taken my marathon time down from 4:08 to 3:35, and my half marathon time from 2:10 to 1:41. My first 5K race time was 34 minutes, and my current PR is 20:57. I also learned to swim and cycle, with no training or coaching, literally "from scratch" and became a triathlete. I'm an average, everyday athlete who fits training in around a full-time career and still continues to see improvement.