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sport: running

I'm a Mama, wife and athlete. I race across various sports, mostly in Canada, but do try to get down to the States as often as is possible. I coach a fall and spring session of cross-country running at my son's elementary school with kids ranging from kindergarten to grade 4. There is nothing like seeing a kid find the pure joy in running! While I train hard and compete as often as I can, family is priority. As a family we do everything together, because we feel that being active in many different sports and activities, eating healthy and playing with your family/kids is important. While I do work part time, I place my priorities in play; and play can be everything from training, to racing to a spontaneous game of catch as a family. I bike to school with my son - even through the winter snow storms, because setting a good example and helping the environment is important. I'm a mountain lover and as a family we escape there as often as possible; it's our second home!


I race trail, road, cross-country, track and snowshoe running; I also race triathlon (road, off-road and winter), xc-skiing, cyclocross and aquathlon. I

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