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sport: running

My fitness bio started 16 years ago when I found running through the influence of my father. Once I jumped on board, my life changed forever for the better. I've now worked in the industry of outdoors for the last 15 years all because I discovered running and wanted to be as close to it as possible. For the past 5+ years I've worked for Brooks Sports in a variety of ways. I'm currently leading the Community Programs Outreach from the Trailhead store. I'm passionate about running and fitness, and have a draw to helping others find the sport of running and discovering how they can learn to love it. I've coached beginner runners through Fleet Feet and on the side for 6+ years, and I'm currently a volunteer coach in Seattle for the Recovery Caf_ Sole Train running program. Here's a bit more about my running story:


I've lost count of my 5K/10K races, but I've completed 16 half-marathons, 15 full, 2 50K's and 1 50 miler.

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