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sport: running

As someone who grew up playing sports (and w/ an older brother who insisted on "letting" me sub as a lax goalie for him and his friends....sans helmet), I've been pretty active and competitive in sports most of my life. When I came out to SD, I immediately immersed myself in whatever activities I could find. But I never really "loved" fitness or grasped the concept of being healthy as a lifestyle. And then I got involved with the Gals Who Run program and NPSD (the most amazing neon-wearing, inspiring athletic weirdos, who I love dearly), and through a lot of hard work, I went from running 11 min miles, to my most recent 7:11. If you knew me on a personal level, you would know this is a miracle, as the only runs I really did before 2015, were to my fridge. I'm now training for the Holiday Half and learned that being active and hard work can help me achieve things I never thought possible and bring w/ it friendships and positivity that spill over into every other aspect of life.


Carlsbad Half Marathon and RnR Half Marathon Currently training for Holiday Half 2015 SoCal Ragnar 10/20 Run Celebration Run (placed 4th in age group) And a TON more to come in 2016!

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