Jessica Kuepfer

team nuun athlete

sport: Running

Jessica is a ultra-marathoner, blogger and certified fitness instructor. She has a passion for racing and outdoor adventures that has her running everything from varsity 5 KM to 100 mile treks around North America. Although her true love is running, she can be found flying down a mountain on a snowboard, climbing a rock face, mountain biking through the wild country or having an 80's throw-back on a wind surf board in the ocean.


Completed my first 100 miler in April 2013 as a part of the 100 Miles of Wild research team with Adventure Science Qualified for Boston at the August Endurrun - 3:21:32 First female OA at the Yankee Springs Trail Half Marathon in June 2014 First female OA at the Creemore Vertical Challenge in July. 100 % score on Ultra Signup