Jillian Skulsky

team nuun athlete

sport: tennis

I am currently a tennis player for USTA. I compete at least twice a month in tournaments and my rank is continuing to rise. I am currently top 70 in my division in New England. I practice everyday on average for about two hours with high intensity, and then normally end with an hour of fun live ball hitting with my friends. Along with the tennis, I do weight training to maximize the physical aspect of my game, and also train my mental side as well. Also, I volunteer almost every other day at my local YMCA helping to teach small children and beginners tennis. During that I can be helping anywhere from 2-5 hours straight, so Nuun is a huge help!


I am currently top 70 in my age division for USTA New England. I have won 5 regional tournaments. I was invited to multiple Ed Krass tennis events as well as a tennis showcase at Brown University.

Jillian's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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