team nuun athlete

sport: Running

Jim started his running journey in September 2013. After completing his first half marathon in March 2014, the distance "bug" bit and since then, Jim has completed 61 half marathons in 43 states, as well as 7 marathons in 7 states! Several have also been "double" weekends, where he ran a half on Saturday and a half on Sunday in the same weekend. His journey of finishing half marathons in all 50 states will be completed by July 2016, at the Missoula Half Marathon!

Jim is also an accomplished singer, and has been selected to perform the national anthem at many races, ultimately allowing him to set a new goal of singing the national anthem at races in all 50 states. Most notably, Jim sang at the start of the 2015 New York City Marathon, minutes before running the race itself!


*61 lifetime half marathons

*completed half marathons in 43 of 50 US states + DC

*completed 8 full marathons in 8 US states

*accomplished vocalist, singing the national anthem at multiple races including the NYC Marathon