Kaitlyn Morgan

team nuun athlete

sport: running

I am a Ultra runner from Colorado. I run road and trail ultras. My first major ultra event was running 7 marathons in 7 days (180 miles) with MS run the US as they ran across the United States. I will be returning this may to run with the relay team again for 182 miles across Colorado in 6 days for MS! And attempting my first 100 mile race!! I like to get out and run. I have always run and love seeing how fast and far the body and mind can take you. I just love to get lost in the rhythm of my feet and to know that I am out there running for those who cannot!


Several podium finishes in 2015. My first ultra finish on the trails in 6th place, 1st in division ( 50k). Back in 2014 I ran with the MS Run the US Relay team. Running 180 miles in 7 days to raise awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis. Since then I have dedicated several races and miles to finding a cure. This past year I won my first overall female award and several division titles Races this year: November: Turkey trot 4m-19th div 7;18 mile 29:10 December: Colder bolder 5k - 2nd fm open div 22:43 February: Super Bowl 5k- 7 female 3 division 23:01 (icy) Running of the green- 10th division 7:08 mile. 31:00 April: Sneak 11th female- 2nd division 21:22 BB10k- 16 in division June: Leadville half-19th woman 6th division 3:07 July: Evergreen trail 5k-2nd female 1st division Longmont 10k-4th over all 1st div August: Rocky MTn half-7th female 3rd division So long to summer- 5k 6over all 1st fm 21:02 Evergreen trail 13.1-5th 1st div September: Devil on divide 50k- 8:22:03 6th female 1st division October: Blue sky marathon 4:47 12 female 5th div November Backcountry half : 25th 5th division. December TNF 50mi- TBA

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