Kalletta Caldwell

team nuun athlete

sport: Triathlon

I am a competitive age group athlete in triathlon and trail running. I work really hard, train really hard, and still manage to have fun doing it (well.....maybe except speed work!) Back in the day, I rowed at the University of Kansas, and competed across the country - it was an amazing opportunity and such a great experience. So I guess you can say competition has always been a big part of my life. Ah....if only it paid the bills too. wink

In addition to training for races, I also pace local races (mostly 1/2 marathons), where I get to help others achieve their goals. I am also a volunteer triathlon coach and serve on planning committees for several local races.....my favorites being the women's only races. I remember how much it meant to have support when I started, and I want other women to experience the same thing (not to mention the lasting friendships you make).

As it relates to Nuun.....I have been a dedicated user of the product for years. I used it exclusively to train for my first marathon....where I qualified for Boston. I've been using Nuun as a source of hydration ever since not only for its effectiveness, but the portability. My favorite flavor is Active Lemon+Lime because so many fueling options are sweet, and this one is more tart.  


2 x itu age group worlds competitor

4th plan IM Louisville Course record on multiple local races (triathlon and trail) 

6x usat all american (highest ranking 23rd) 

3rd place wildflower triathlon 

Boston qualifier

Kalletta's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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