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I am a 31 year old mother of two little girls; Amelia who is 2.5 years old, and Anna who is 5.5 months old! I am a teacher but have been home with the girls since Amelia was born, lucky me! I am an elite Canadian runner, running mostly road races, but also cross-country. I live in Newfoundland and have my entire life, it's beautiful here but does challenge my training at times with the weather, aka WIND. My husband, Peter, is also a competitive runner, more so on the provincial racing scene. We often train together with the girls, pushing them in the stroller. Peter wins a lot of local road races here on the west coast of NL pushing the stroller. So we are often the top 3 (Amelia, Peter and I, Anna has yet to race!...besides while in my belly of course wink) We love running and are very involved and well known provincially. I'm also known quite well nationally. I'm from St. John's but we are living in Corner Brook until next fall, so have ties all over our beautiful province!


I have made 3 national senior women's cross-country teams, and one Chiba Ekiden national team. I won the Canadian half marathon championships in 2012, the Vancouver BMO half marathon in 2014, and the Tely Ten in St. John's 3 times. I have placed 2nd-5th in many national road races. I have the NL provincial half marathon and marathon records. 1:15:13 for the half in 2014 at Vancouver BMO, and 2:40:49 for the full in Houston 2014. Houston was my first, and only, marathon so far. I was 7th overall and the top North American. I was set to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront marathon Oct. 2014 but found out I was pregnant two weeks prior and didn't feel it was right to have them fly me up, etc, when I knew I couldn't give it what I had planned. So I have much more to do in the marathon! I have won the NL provincial female athlete of the year award and the St. John's feel athlete of the year award, as well as many St. John's female athlete of the month awards. I also won the Jubilee cup which is the award for the top cross-country runner at Memorial University. My personal bests are 16:38 for 5k, 34:34 for 10k, 55:57 for 10 miles (10 seconds off the record in Tely Ten so a big goal for next year is to crush that), 1:15:13 for the half, and 2:40:49 for the full marathon.

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