katelyn downs

team nuun athlete

sport: running

My name is Kateyn, I am 23 years old and living in southern Ontario. Growing up I was overweight and decided to make a change a few years ago and take back my health. I started at 230lbs and have since lost 80lbs. Through that long, difficult journey I developed a love for running and biking. I love both for the same reason, they clear my head. Once I get out there I'm only focusing on the run or the ride. I am currently working at a local coffee shop saving money to go off to college.


I had a dream to complete a half marathon but figured I could never do it. I had never even signed up for a smaller run, like a 5k before this year. In June 2015 I completed my first run, the Nike Toronto 15k. I fell in love at that race and have become a bit addicted. I love the feeling you get having crossing that finish line. I completed my first half marathon on October 18th, the Nike San Francisco women's run. I didn't have a great time but I consider it an accomplishment because it's something I never thought I could do. Now I have a half marathon in Ireland coming up in August and am going to improve on that half marathon time.

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