Katharina Abernethy

team nuun athlete

sport: Triathlon

In my professional and personal life I have been and still am a sports and health advocate. Personally, I have always excelled at sports and decided to become a trainer, fitness instructor and physical therapist. I worked with athletes interested in excelling in cycling, running and biking as well as people who just wanted to be fit and others who needed to fitness in order to reestablish their health. My degrees are in Physical Therapy, B.S. in Exercise Science, MS in Medical Science and I am now board certified as a Physician Assistant. While I am no longer a professional trainer to make a living, I continue counseling people in my personal and professional circle about optimizing their training or optimizing their health. I have been using nuun products for all of my training and believe it is a great product.


I have been competing in Triathlons, bike racing and occasional 1/2 marathons for over 10 years. I usually finish in the top 3 of my age group, often winning races. I recently placed 1st overall at Pacific Grove Triathlon for the combined Olympic and Sprint race. During the Olympic distance USAT triathlon in Livermore last June, I finished with my personal best at 2:23 and I know that I am still able to improve more.

Katharina's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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