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sport: Running

I am an ultra runner who discovered endurance sports late in life, after a long career as a horse trainer. I ran a few (slow) marathons in my thirties, then took my training to a new level after turning 40 in 2010. I started running 50ks, then 50-milers, and qualified for Boston in 2011. My first 100-miler was Leadvillle 2012. When not running, I teach English and German at the United World College in Montezuma, New Mexico. I also blog at


First place, Chimera 100, November 2014 First place, Deadman Peaks 50, Otctober 2014 Fourth place, Bryce Canyon 100, June 2014 First place, Shiprock Marathon, May 2014 First place, Black Canyon 100k, February 2014

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