katrina Gocuan

katrina Gocuan
team nuun athlete

sport: Running

My name is Katrina and I love Nuun! I was diagnosed with glaucoma and moderate vision loss (with a chance it could get worse) when I was 16. This impairment has really impacted certain parts of my life but I don't let that stop me from living happy, healthy and positive! As a physical therapist assistant, being a model of health and staying active is very important to me. I decided to try to run more about a year and a half ago. Initially I have recently run my 2nd race at half marathon distance and hopefully will be continuing on despite my impairment. I love sharing my journey on instagram and encouraging others to get out there and try to be the best they can be.Another love of mine is photography and am always taking photos along my runs and adventures.Nuun has changed the hydration game for me. I love how easy it is to stay hydrated by just popping in a lovely tasting tablet!


Edmonton Marathon 10K distance (2014) Vancouver Marathon (2015) Nike Womens 15K toronto (2015) Nike Womens Half Marathon San Francisco (2015) Wanderlust

I have also already registered for SeaWheeze 2016 in August next year and crossing my fingers for both Nike Women Runs (I love the empowering message of these races) as welll as hopefully a few others. I've done numerous fun runs which I don't think is relevant but they were fun smile

I also started a run group in the summer. Initially it was just a group of friends getting together to tackle some stairs and a workout when we could. We have met every sunday since then and some of the individuals in the group have run their first 5K race after swearing that they never would be able to even do 2k! It has been so empowering to see a group of individuals (myself included) grow past limits.

katrina's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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