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sport: running

I have been a runner for over 16 years since 6th grade staring with cross country and track. I now am 27 and currently train for marathons. I am a school counselor at a high school in which I volunteer coach for the girls cross country and girls track team. Running is a passion, a drive, a commitment, a freedom, and a lifestyle. It's the pure simplicity of going for a run and finding yourself and the seeing the beauty in the world around you. When I am running, all is right in the world and it is perfect. All that matters is taking the next step, the next breath, and blazing your own trail. It's the freedom of going as fast or slow as you want and running the route you want. I will continue to run until I cannot run any more and I hope that by being a Nuun Ambassador gives me a chance to help me pursue my running goals and dreams even further and bring the amazing gift of proper and natural hydration to all current and future athletes.


*Ran 8 Boston Qualifier Marathons *Boston Marathon Participant in 2013, 2014, and will be in 2016 *First Place Overall Female Winner for Bemidji Blue Ox Half-Marathon *Marathon PR=3:11:39, Grandma's Marathon 2015 *Half-Marathon PR=1:33:24, Monster Dash 2015 *20K=1:27:33, Rutabaga Run 2014 *10K=43:29, River Falls Days Race 2014 *5K-=20:13, Vikings 5k 2015 *1600m=5:21, 2004 Big Rivers Conference Meet *800m=2:23, 2005 WIAA Sectionals Meet

Kayla's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Grape

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