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sport: running

Professionally I work at Fleet Feet Sports Raleigh as a Fit Specialist and Inventory Management. I started running in 2007 for health reasons, my family has a history of heart disease and I was determined not to be a statistic. My first race was a half marathon and I fell in love with that distance. My biggest race year was when I ran in 41 races in 2010 again mostly half-marathons with a couple marathons and some 10-milers. 8 years later I continue to run finishing approximately 12 to 15 races a year. Unfortunately I've been struggling with Achilles issues and had surgery to fix the issue in October. I am happy to say I'm quickly on the mend and will start running again in December with my first race schedule in April for the Walt Disney World Star Wars Challenge that includes a 10K and Half Marathon. To date I've completed 120+ half marathons and 15+ marathons with my last being the Berlin Marathon 2 weeks before my surgery.


I've place in several races in the past but my results for this year are as follows: I started the year out running the WDW Dopey Challenge which is 4 races over 4 days. In age group finishes: I was first for the 10K out of 297, 2 for the half marathon out of 640 and 2 for the marathon out of 570 and 43rd overall for the 4 races combined. I was 5th out of 185 for the half marathon in New Orleans, 6th out of 171 in Tampa for the Gasparilla half marathon and 3rd out of 64 for the Tobacco Road half marathon in Cary, NC.

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