Kyndal Michel

Kyndal Michel
team nuun athlete

sport: Running

My name is Kyndal Michel, by day I am an accountant, but outside of the office I am an athlete - mostly a runner, who will try any type of exercise at least once. I also consider myself a blogger and instagrammer, in my free time. As a runner, I have completed 6 marathons, over 15 half-marathons, and dozens of other races. While I love a good 5 AM training run or spin session, I love stepping up to toe the line and run almost any race. I currently reside in Boston, Massachusetts, but am originally from Ft. Thomas, Kentucky / Cincinnati area, and find myself there many times a year, as it is where my family is and holds a special place in my heart. I am just a normal person, who is very passionate about what I do and loves to represent my ideas / passions / interests to others.


As briefly mentioned above, on the athletic front, these days I consider myself mostly a runner. I have run 6 marathons, and my current PR of 3:26:26 on November 7, 2015 at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. This was also my second time qualifying for Boston. I have run Boston twice (once as a qualifier and once as an approved BAA bandit), and will be running again in April of 2016. My favorite distance is the half marathon and I have ran at least 15 races of this distance, with a PR of 1:36:21 (October 31, 2015). I grew up playing soccer, basketball, softball, and taking dance, but running is where my true love and athletic prowess comes from. Other race PRs: 5k - 19:30, 5 Miler - 35:58, 10k - 42:26, 10 Miler - 1:16:41.

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