Lauren Breihof

Lauren Breihof
team nuun athlete

sport: Running

I am not a professional runner, but I can tell you many things that I am. I am a long distance runner, a competitor, a Western Washington University alum, A NCAA Division II Cross Country Academic All American, a road racer, a marathon runner, a trail lover, a Brooks Sports employee, and I have more passion for running than I know what to do with at times! This year was a special running year for me because I was able to run both the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon for the first time. Both experiences were so amazing and days that I will never forget as a runner. I feel so thankful everyday for the ability to do what I am passionate about and I Nuun is a product that helps to keep my running strong.


Seattle Marathon Female Champion in 2009 2:58 Vancouver USA Marathon Female Champion in 2011 2:54 Half Marathon PR 1:20:03 Full Marathon PR 2:53:51 10k PR: 35:53

Lauren's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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