Leah Sherriff

team nuun athlete

sport: running

I started out as a Varsity Vball player at RMC. I also captained the military national team, and was lucky enough to travel the world from 03-12. While deployed in Afghanistan, I started running as a way of staying sane. I fell in love and ran my first 42.2 around the base. (There were only 40 of us and we started at 4am!) In '12 I left the army to go to U of T law where I played on the Varsity Vball Team. My love for running grew, and I was very involved in the T. run community. I hosted events and runs with Balcktoe, and was an assistant with Pace & Mind. This summer I raced my 5th 42.2 in under 3:05. I also moved to Ottawa to work at the Federal Court. After the race, my coach told me to focus on X-training, so I entered the Muskoka 70.3 just 3 weeks later. I manage to snag a spot at the 70.3 World Champs & fell in love all over again. Every day since, I have worked my butt off with the By-town Storm. Of course, I couldn


Varsity Volleyball Player with RMC 03-07, Captain 05-07, OUA Women of Influence 2006 Varsity Volleyball Player with U of T 12-13, OUA Bronze Medalists CF National Volleyball Team Member 2003-2015, Competed in 3 Military World Games 3:04 Marathon pb (2015) 1:25 half pb (2014) 37:42 10 km pb (2014) 4:56 70.3 PB Currently ranked No. 1 in Canada (35 World) in 30-34 Age Group in Ironman All World Rankings for 70.3 Competed at 2015 70.3 World Champs

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