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sport: Running

Lisa Buohler is a mother of two. She was born in the UK in 1969 and came to the USA in December 1991. She acquired her US citizenship in June 2011. Lisa Buohler is a certified professional fitness trainer, a certified USATF coach and RRCA run Coach. She specializes in sports performance nutrition and is currently studying exercise therapy. She is also a Top ranked Duathlete and two times World Qualifier for Team USA in Duathlon, she is also an elite master runner. In September 2011, Lisa was hit by a car (SUV) on a training ride. The Vehicle rammed her from behind going 60mph. It threw her 20 feet, crushing her spine, fracturing the lumbar and thoracic vertebrae; her liver was lacerated, her sternum broken. She had a lung contusion and internal bleeding that pooled in the pelvic cavity. A fracture of the tibial plateau on the left knee that required staples and a convulsion fracture of the left foot, and a deep laceration to the calf muscle requiring stitches, and a split gluteus muscle with severe nerve damage. The right side had severe road rash, cartilage exposed to the elbow, and a shoulder tear. Luckily the head had a serious bruise and some concussion but a brain scan cleared her of any permanent damage. A catheter, IV


Five Times Worlds Championships Qualifier with Team USA in Duathlon No.1 Ranked Duathlete female AG division. Third Female AG in the Honolulu Marathon. Phidipedies Gold award holder All Americam USAT Duathlon Honorable mention in Duathlon

Lisa's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Strawberry Lemonade

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