Lori Thornton

team nuun athlete

sport: running

First things first: I was trying to previously submit my application for ambassador and high winds knocked the power out and I'm not positive I hit submit in time before power went out. That disclaimer aside: ME! A year ago at this time I didn't know what Nuun was. Fourteen years ago I was a pedestrian hit by a speeding car and I then spent the next thirteen years feeling sorry for myself. I loathed the brain injury that I statistically beat. Something clicked a year ago. I joined a gym! Well, if Im being honest here, my boyfriend joined a gym and said I should too so he'd get credit. Oh, love you fickle beast! As it turns out ... best decision. I'm now 30 pounds lighter. I've completed seven 5k's, two indoor triathlons, two sprint distance triathlons, and three half marathons this year alone. My fourth half marathon will be on November 28th and this is all leading up to my first Half Ironman in April of 2016 in Haines City, FL!


I'm alive. Which yes, I know that sounds cliche. But finally I accept it's an accomplishment! I've went from full of excuses to always on the go. I didn't know what triathlon was a year ago and now I'm a triathlete. I always rolled my eyes at people who ran half and full marathons and now I'm a half marathoner. Oh and my best bowling game is a 278; I'm not half bad on the lanes.