Luke Distelhorst

team nuun athlete

sport: Running

I'm a reformed soccer player who got into more "full time" running in 2012 as a way to get back into the mountains where I spent a lot of time climbing and backpacking when I was in high school and college. Since then I've run a large number of the classic trail ultras in the Pacific Northwest. However, my main focus is on adventure runs (and to a lesser degree hikes) in the mountains, always unsupported and a lot of the time solo. I love the creativity of mapping and putting my own trip together and then sharing that through my blog. I hope to inspire others to do the same and seek out their own adventures or use my trips as ideas/a starting point for their own. I've been married for ten years and have two daughters as well, so I have to balance my family with a full-time job and all the training and outings I want to do in the mountains!


2015 accomplishments: - Glacier Peak 107-mile unsupported circumnavigation (35 hours) - Wonderland Trail, solo unsupported (26:36, second-fastest unsupported time as per FKT website) - 42-mile point-to-point traverse of North Cascades National Park South Unit - Mt. Daniel circumnavigation hike - 50-mile Pasayten Wilderness run, including three 8,000'+ summits - Loowit Trail in February (first winter circumnavigation on foot?) - Toiyabe Crest Trail traverse (backpack), Nevada - Ruby Crest Trail 37-mile run traverse, Nevada Full list available on my blog:

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