team nuun athlete

sport: Running

I'm 40... just took up running marathons about 4 years ago. I have made the most wonderful friends through the running community. Not only to I run full marathons, I also run halfs, 10 milers and sometimes 10K or 5ks. I am a landscape architect by day and lover everything about my career. Naturally, I want to live a healthy life- which starts with how I treat my body and helping provide healthy environments through design for others.


Ran first marathon, Savannah Rock n Rol, 2011 in 5:10:11 Ran third marathon, Chicago, 2013 in 4:30:47 Looking for a 4:15 marathon in 2015. 2014 brought me PR's in 5K, 10K, 12K and Half Marathon. Can't wait to run more races in 2015!