Marvin Tabangay

team nuun athlete

sport: Running

Prior to my first running event in 2007, all I ever did was go out and party or play video games. I fell in love with running after my first marathon with Team in Training. Running for a cause made all the difference! I kept coming back for more, marathon after marathon, then I decided to do a triathlon in 2010. Not just any triathlon, but an Ironman. I didn't know how to swim then either. Took private lessons and eventually learned. Did 2 Ironman, then just recently, explored the world of ultramarathons and loved it too! There's still so much to do, so much to train for, so the adventures do not stop there. I will keep on doing as long as I can!


For 2014, I think my biggest accomplishment is Ironman Mont Tremblant. It was a very tough course with a lot of elevation on the bike, but was also faced with cold, rain, winds, and heat. What made it even more memorable was that on the first 2 minutes of the swim, I was kicked in the shoulder and dislocated it. I thought I was done. I was floating there, thinking of what to do, thought I was going to DNF, but I didn't allow myself to panic. I was calm, and thought through all the options. By one crazy miracle though, when I put my arms up to stretch, a few seconds before I was going to pull myself out of the race, my shoulder popped back in! It hurt like hell, but I had almost full mobility, so I decided to continue with the race, and I finished!

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