team nuun athlete

sport: Cycling

I'm a 45 year old hack endurance mountain bike and cyclocross racer, attempting to juggle the hobby of suffering on a single speed for many hours with a busy family and work life. What puts a big smile on my face? Chasing my twin sons Aidan and Seth around the pump track and cheering them on during climbs. Big thanks to Nuun, Independent Fabrication Bikes, Stan's No Tubes and Schwalbe tires for helping me pursue my passion!


8th place Pierreā€™s Hole 100, single speed Aug 2015

1st place Capitol Forest 100 (9th overall), single speed, June 2015 

2nd place Echo Valley 60 single speed (13th overall), May 2014

8th place Stottlemeyer 50 single speed May 2014 

1st place Capitol Forest 100 (10th overall), single speed, August 2013 

2nd overall, NW Epic Series (long races), single speed, August 2013 

9th place, High Cascades 100 National Endurance Series #4, single speed, July 2013 

Matt's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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