team nuun athlete

sport: running

I am a professional water girl & Poopologist (i.e. drinking water and wastewater specialist), worm farming, veggie growing, dirt digging, tent sleeping, beer drinking, red meat eating, animal loving, snow skiing, scuba diving, bass fishing, nap taking, home canning, world traveling, nuun loving,...crazy runner dipping into the world of triathlons - Not necessarily in that order.


My biggest accomplishment to date is inspiring my nieces, nephews, family, friends, and anyone else to lead a healthier lifestyle. After having ACL reconstruction...I set a goal of one 1/2 marathon a month in 2012 - 15 races later I was ready to take a break in I ran 19 races that included my first two Marathons. 2014 began my "Year of the 40th & firsts" - I ran 25 races that included my first sprint Triathlon, first Olympic distance Triathlon, the disney "Dopey Challenge", and the Swiss Alpine K42+. This all brings us to first 1/2 Ironman, first 50k, my first AG 1st and 3rd place, and running into 2016!!

Melody's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Cherry Limeade

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