team nuun athlete

sport: Running

I never ran before I had my hip done in Dec., 2011. Following rehab & realizing that I needed to get back in shape, I asked my doctor if I could run. I got the OK. I learned I didn't have a motor that would let me go fast, but I could go...and go...and go... Bunches of halfs, a few marathons, and several ultras later, I'm not the "guy who had hip surgery," but I'm a runner.

I was born and raised in Western North Carolina, and following stints in Northern Florida & in South Carolina's low country, I'm back in Western NC working as the Community Marketing & Outreach Director for Fleet Feet Sports - Hickory. I love what I do, and I use Nuun frequently.


I ran a half marathon (Thunder Road, 2012) 11 months after I had my hip done. In the same 11 months, I also lost 70 lbs. That's kind of a big deal, personally. I'm *that* guy who ran his first marathon indoors (Indoor Insanity, 6/2013 at the JDL FastTrack in Winston Salem, NC). I'm that kind of nuts. Aside from the distances and stuff, one of my most proud moments was during the Le Grizz Ultra in Montana in October 2013, when I came up on a guy who was struggling and needed someone to help him finish the last 6 miles to the finish. It took him nearly 90 minutes, I didn't reach any of my time goals, or qualify for Western States, but he finished and that's what matters. The thanks & the hug he gave me at the finish line matter more to me than any medal or thing-ama-bob I've ever gotten at a race.